Frequently Asked Questions

From the beginning, we have taken the community threat of COVID seriously. When asked by the state to shut down, we completely supported our Governor's decision in the midst of an international pandemic. Surprised that many of our competitors continued to operate, we took pride in our decision to cease operations to keep our Team and our Clients safe in the midst of evolving information.

Upon reopening, we had revamped tools to support our cleaning protocols and retrained our team on processes and the importance of our work in the journey to community health.

Further, for 8 months leading up to vaccinations becoming widely available to the public, we engaged with our team in an information campaign about vaccinations and the development process. And, when vaccinations became available to the whole population, we offered all Team Members additional benefits: 1.5+ days of EXTRA Paid Time Off to get vaccinated and to recover from any side effects as well as a $100 bonus when submitting their completed vaccination card. 95+% of our team appreciated these benefits immediately.

By June 2021, we were only hiring people who had been vaccinated. And, by end-September, our entire team was vaccinated.

Yes, we are 100% vaccinated and require vaccination of all those who work here. Further, we continue to diligently wear masks in client homes and in our offices and maintain social distancing. We believe we all make a difference in the lives of those in our community, and we will continue to take this responsibility seriously.